Book Range Time

If you are looking for a buddy to shoot with simply log in to the app: and follow the link, ‘Lumley Ranges Diary’.  If you see somebody else has booked, no matter if you know who it is or not, simply press ‘book session’.  If nobody has booked on your preferred day/time then why not be the first?  Again, simply press ‘book session’ and add yourself to the diary, all going well, somebody will join you and you’ll be all set for some pew, pew time.

There must be at least two of you on range when shooting is in progress, and so, if you have to cancel, as a courtesy to somebody who may be relying on you being on range, please don’t cancel on the day, cancellations should be made by the previous day.   With the possibility of cancellations in mind, please always check the diary on the morning of your shoot so that you don’t have a wasted journey.  If cancellation on the day is unavoidable and you are unable to contact the other shooter directly, please contact us and we will do our best to get the message to them.

Feel free to book as many time slots and days as you wish. 😃

The ranges are open for you Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so go on, enjoy!!

Users of The Lumley Ranges can enjoy the luxury of a fully digital, web-based sign-in process, thanks to our in-house developed range booking and one-click range sign-in app. No more paperwork or range sheets to deal with!