IMPORTANT WARNING All of the rules below will be strictly enforced. Any person found not to adhere to any rule or any person that has been reported for undesirable behaviour will receive one warning only. A second occurrence of not complying with any one rule will result in exclusion from The Lumley Ranges.

SPEED on site, maximum 5 mph.

Be respectful to neighbours and other road users when using the Joyce Green Lane approach road. You are representing the The Lumley Ranges when using this road.

ALL FIREARMS must remain unloaded and bagged until on your pre booked range.

AMMUNITION permitted is strictly fibre or felt wad only. Plastic wad is specifically not allowed. Maximum no 6 shot. Birdshot only. – (i.e. use shot size 6, 7, 7.5 or 8, fibre only – most popular size is 7.5)

MINIMUM OF TWO members on range at any time that shooting is in progress.

NO DOGS on site, this includes the parking area as well as the ranges.

SIGN IN to the complex is mandatory. This is our digital version of a range sheet. Ensure sign in is completed upon arrival at our parking area and that your range shooting session is confirmed in the diary.

EYE & EAR PROTECTION are mandatory at all times on the ranges and range approach.

TARGET CHECK must be completed when you arrive on your pre-booked range, and again before leaving or changing your pre-booked range.

PRE-BOOKING of a range is mandatory. If you are on one range and wish to change to another you may do so but you must first make the booking in the diary.

SPENT CARTRIDGES and cartridge boxes must be removed as you leave the range. Do not leave anywhere on site, even if in a bin. Take them home with you and dispose of as you would your normal household waste, a non-transparent bin bag is advised.

RUBBISH must not be left on site. Please ensure the ranges and parking area are left clear of rubbish. Take it home with you.

SIGN OUT of the complex must be completed after leaving the range area but before leaving the parking area.

THE NEIGHBOURING Dartford Clay Shooting Club’s facilities are a separate entity and their rules must be adhered to. When using or travelling through their facilities you are acting as a representative of The Lumley Ranges and you are reminded that any report for undesirable behaviour will result in the person responsible receiving one warning only. A second occurrence will result in exclusion from The Lumley Ranges.